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Migration bible

Migration bible
Titel: Migration bible
Bestelnr.: 9789089124326
Prijs : € 25,00
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The Bible is a book of, for and by migrants, from the very first forced migration in Genesis 3 through to the promise of entry into the heavenly Jerusalem. This is one way the Bible is very relevant to us today. We live in an age of globalization and migration. We meet migrants or we ourselves migrate to another country. The theme of migration is discussed in politics and the media. For that reason, this Bible in English about the theme of migration was developed.The Migration Bible is a complete Good news Translation with more than 250 pages of additional migration-themed content. The additional content, written by migrants and non-migrants from different continents and cultures and overseen by an international editorial board of theologians, comprises 22 reading plans, 17 articles and 15 modern migrant stories.This Bible is meant for both migrants and non-migrants. The Migration Bible helps non-migrants empathize with and understand migrants better, and make new discoveries about the Bible through the eyes of migrants. In addition, it is interesting for readers encountering migration in their daily lives, for example in their workplaces.The Migration Bible discovers, encourages and connects.? Discover the story of God through the lens of migration? Find encouragement by the stories and insights of Migrant Theology? Get connected, as migrants and non-migrants. Every Christian is a migrant. It's in your DNA.