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101 moments with God for moms

101 moments with God for moms
Titel: 101 moments with God for moms
Auteur: Boxes of blessings - 50 cards
Bestelnr.: 6006937132559
Prijs : € 5,95
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Made for sharing, these are 51 double sided, playing card sized, messages to cheer you up when you are feeling down packaged in a box. Give all at once to draw from for inspiration, or keep a box to tuck a blessing into a lunch bag, briefcase, travel bag, pocket or purse, or to pass around. Your small gift will be received with smiles and gratitude for your thoughtfulness. 

Cards come packed in a sturdy, lidded box. The set has uniquely designed artwork and a message theme of hope. 

- Box Size: 65 x 25 x 94mm
- Card Size: 57 x 86mm
- 51 Double-sided Cards
- Sturdy Lidded Box
- Shrink-wrapped Packaging

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