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A sweet friendship

A sweet friendship
Titel: A sweet friendship
Auteur: Mug - 414 ml
Bestelnr.: 1220000135376
Prijs : € 12,99
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Let your friend know how much you appreciate her friendship when you surprise her with the Sweet Friendship Ceramic Coffee Mug as a gift. A friend who stays when others leave is a real blessing, but a friendship that lasts over time and distance is a sweet, sweet bond that must be celebrated. 

The Sweet Friendship Ceramic Coffee Mug combines beauty with practicality for a gift that will be as much loved for its message as it is for its quality. The body of the mug is a creamy white and features the sentiment '... a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.' Proverbs 27:9 

The sentiment is displayed in a handwritten font that lends a more personal and intimate feel to the mug. Delicate light blue flowers accent the lettering on the front of the cup, and a small cluster of the same flowers adorn the back. The mug's interior is glazed in a complementary shade of blue.  

The Sweet Friendship Ceramic Mug is a meaningful gift for a friend on her birthday, as a thank-you gift, or just to give her a little encouragement. When combined with any other gift from the Sweet Friendship Collection that includes a matching wirebound journal, keyring, bookmark, pie plate, spoon rest, tray or glass cutting board, it becomes a beautifully coordinated gift for a housewarming gift or wedding gift. A coordinating gift bag is included to wrap the Sweet Friendship Ceramic Coffee Mug if you choose to give it alone. 

- Sweet Friendship Collection
- Medium Blue Interior Glaze
- White Glazed Exterior with Floral Design
- Ceramic Mug
- Microwave Safe
- Dishwasher Safe
- Packaged in a Gift Box
- Gift Box Dimensions: 107 x 137 x 107 mm
- Capacity 420 ml